Your Opt-in Lists

The money is in the list!
Grow your own opt-in lists that you control for monumental profits and success on the Internet.

Benefits of having your own large opt-in lists:

  1. an inexhaustable supply of leads for your MLM opportunity

  2. large groups with whom you have a relationship

  3. large groups who trust you

  4. large groups who recognize you as an authority figure

Exact plan for success with members of your opt-in lists.

  1. Build multiple lists (some narrowly focused)

  2. Email your lists on a weekly basis (different days for each list)

  3. Have first 6 messages (weekly) entered on autoresponder before you start building list

  4. Email info that solves a problem or fulfills a need
  5. Mix in a commercial message 1 out of 3 emails

Why this pattern works.

This sequence will be very profitable and successful for you because of the #1 concept that drives the Internet as far as individual success goes:

A high level of credibility
has a monetary value!

If you are mailing weekly info that solves a problem or fulfills a need, then you will build a high level of credibility with your opt-in list members. Remember, much of your info will consist of valauble free tools and resources.

Some people monetize their credibility through selling their own or affiliate products to members of their lists.

You will monetize your credibility by having your list members join your MLM downline.

Use your free advertising firepower from the Downline Builder
to grow your opt-in lists.

Sign up for this downline builder through your sponsor if he/she is a member.

Otherwise, Join today and start to build your opt-in lists!

Also, refer to crucial information on the Lead Capture page.

Valuable eCourse To Start Building Your Own Opt-in Lists

There is an extraordinary eCourse by Jimmy D. Brown, called Email Strategies Explained, that can be customized, entered on your own autoresponder, and used to start building a solid and profitable opt-in list.

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The 8th installment of this eCourse has this instruction:

For all the details on customizing this eCourse (it's free) and how to begin giving it away, visit:

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