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Best Places To Advertise In Order To Build Your Network Marketing Or MLM Downlines

This Is White Hot!! A list of powerful places to promote your MLM:

Places 11-14 are found on this page:

  1. Usenet Newsgroups

  2. Business Networks

  3. Forums

  4. Ezine Ads

  5. Classified Ad Sites

  6. Safelists

  7. Offline MLM Publications

  8. Newspapers

  9. Free Advertising Programs

  10. Free Traffic Generators

  11. Email List Builders

  12. Multi Level Ad Networks

  13. High Traffic Web Sites

  14. Write Articles

You must advertise and build and develop your advertisng arsenal every day!

(11)Email List Builders

You get to email two different groups once each week:

  1. your own downline

  2. A random group equal in size to your downline.

It's guaranteed that none of your downline
will be in the second group.

In addition to your own matrix (downline) there is a 2nd weekly matix that is rebuilt, and you could be anywhere randomly on this rebuilt matrix.

So it's possible to be high up in a rebuilt matix with thousands of members below you even though you are new to the program.

When you cycle in this program, leads are emailed to you in your inbox. It's possible to get leads without recruiting anyone.

Save the leads that are mailed to you, and mail to them on a weekly schedule. Include at the top of the mailing a reminder of their enrollment in the Triple Your List program, so that you do not get spam complaints.

You are much better off if your first 3 mailings are strictly devoted to tools and resources that solve a problem or fulfill a need.

Include a commercial message 1 out of 4 messages.

(12)Multi Level Ad Networks

Use these networks to build your opt-in lists.

Make a free offer (ebook, mini course, report, etc.) and require that the prospect respond through an autoresponder form. Thus you will build your opt-in lists and have many recurring chances to sell your propect.

These are the type of programs that find a receptive audience in other free advertising resources.

Long time multi level ad network

New multi level ad network

This network has one limitation for free members that you should be aware of:

Once you select an url (website) to promote and write the accompanying ad, you can't change it unless you become a pro member ($12 per year).

Therefore, when you join use an ad tracker
to point to the website you are promoting.

In addition, use a generic description in your ad that could apply to a variety of websites of the same type.

In this way you will be able to change websites that you are actively promoting through this network.

Or you can use an url rotator for the same effect.

Use this website to build your opt in lists. Offer something free where the website visitor can take a quick, decisive action.

(13)High Traffic Websites

Obviously, high traffic web sites that center on network marketing should be the number one priority.

MLM High Traffic Sites


  2. MLM


  4. Profit Gems


(14)Write Articles

Write articles directly relevant to the prospect group you are targeting in your MLM downline building.

The opportunity to promote your lead capture pages when writing articles occurs through the resource box.

This box is located at the end of articles and typically contains 4-8 lines of author biographical data and website promotion. It is here where you should direct readers to an enticing lead capture page.

Here is a powerful distribution source for articles you have already written:

Highly recommended resource!

For more information on writing articles refer to Internet Marketing Strategy:44 Link Popularity Secrets

Secret 12 is a comprehensive treatment of writing and distributing articles.

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