Ad Tracking

Use Ad Tracking To Identify Which Of Your MLM Ads Are Most Effective

Important Note:

In terms of saving time and getting the most out of your advertising dollars the most important skill you can develop is the ability to effectively use ad tracking tools.

Fortunately, there are two highly regarded free resources available in this area:

  1. Free ebook -- Ad Tracking SuperTips

  2. Complete list of free ad tracking tools

Ad Tracking SuperTips

This ebook is must reading. You will avoid costly mistakes by reading and studying this ebook. Very informative. Highly recommended!

Ad Tracking SuperTips

Use these free ad trackers to promote your MLM

Even if you use a paid service for ad tracking, you need back up tools and resources.

In this high tech era websites get hacked, suffer downtime, go out of business, have technical problems, and change servers.

Therefore it is imperative that you become familiar with and use more than one ad tracker. You must protect yourself against your ad tracker going down at the very minute your major advertising campaign is to start.

Keep in mind Murphy's Law.

Here is a source that provides a comprehensive list of the best free ad trackers available.

Use these ad trackers in your MLM ads.

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