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Best Places To Advertise In Order To Build Your Network Marketing Or MLM Downlines

This Is Red Hot! A list of powerful places to promote your MLM:

Places 6-10 are found on this page:

  1. Usenet Newsgroups

  2. Business Networks

  3. Forums

  4. Ezine Ads

  5. Classified Ad Sites

  6. Safelists

  7. Offline MLM Publications

  8. Newspapers

  9. Free Advertising Programs

  10. Free Traffic Generators

  11. Email List Builders

  12. Multi Level Ad Networks

  13. High Traffic Web Sites

  14. Write Articles

You must advertise and build and develop your advertisng arsenal every day!


Your sole purpose should be to build your opt-in lists.

Promote your lead capture pages only!

Another source of quality safelists.

Use the free safelist submitter below.

Free advertising programs are great to promote through safelists, but use a lead capture page to do it.

Free Safelist Submitter

Look for Product Category in left column. Click on Free Downloads. Click on Snazzy Freeware Safe List Submitter.

Use this free safelist submitter to post your ads.

If you are a free member of safelists where you can't send ads every day, choose a different day of the week for each of those safelists that limit you to weekly postings so that you have at least one set of ads going out every day.

Here is a sample of free safelists you can post ads to:

Reach 500 members every 48 hours. Email Complete Database every 7 Days.

Reach 500 members every 48 hours. Email Complete Database every 7 Days.

Post every 3 days as a free member.

(7)Offline MLM Publications

Home Business Connection magazine

Biz-ness Gazette

Look for Profit Gems

U.S. Print Media Advertising & Sources

Additional Print Media


You should read this valuable article in order to understand why you should always offer a choice of ways for prospects to respond to your advertising.

The Choice between Yes and Yes:A Psychological Revelation

The resource below may be the only source you need to establish an effective newspaper advertising campaign:

Nationwide Newspapers

Free Circulation Newspapers

Advertising is fundamentally a numbers game.

This means that the more people you reach with a good message, the more successful you will be.

Don't neglect the publications that are given away free, especially the ones that offer free advertising!

These are often good places to test your headlines.

Then, you can proceed to take proven effective headlines and do more extensive paid advertising. Hopefully, this sequence makes sense to you.

Libraries are often the best place to obtain a variety of free circulation newspapers.

College Newspaper Advertising

College Newspapers

(9)Free Advertising Programs

6 years of Internet marketing has uncovered some real gems in terms of free advertising programs.

Since many of these programs are multi level and have referral benefits, you should refer to The Downline Builder.

Jump in feet first!

For the first three programs listed below you should set up a separate email account, because email ads will be mailed to you on a daily basis, and you want these emails easily organized.

Recommended email

This account has a feature where you can have all incoming emails sorted by sender. This means that emails from Solo-Ads, AdEarners, and Free Ad Depot will appear in your inbox organized by program.

Set up instructions for

-1-Register and Log in

-2-Click on Options from the top right menu

-3-Under Mail Management click on Mail Preferences

-4-Click on Initial sort criteria

-5-Click on From/To any your email messages will be organized by program.

-6-Sign up for the first 3 programs below and use your Mail2World adress as your list address.







    You can only use this resource once every 3 months, so make sure you have a proven headline and ad.



    Looking at the home page of this program you can't help but think this is total hype.

    But this program has an innovation that should ensure that any free member who signs up under you and is active will eventually become a paid member and generate referral earnings for you.


    Put the HTML code for this programon one of your Thank You pages that prospects are sent to when completing your autoresponder sequence.


    This program is perfect to promote on the Thank You page of any autoresponder you set up.

    Always look for ways you can do multiple promotions. Some people who might not pursue your MLM offer will still take advantage of one of your free advertising offers.

    If they do, you will have other multiple opportunities to sell them.

(10)Free Traffic Generators

First absorb this time tested knowledge from Danny Sheehan:

How to get the most out of free traffic generators.

Essential Free Traffic Generators

Each of the above free traffic generators has a multi level structure. This structure means that you benefit not only from your own website visitations, but you also benefit from visitations made by your downline.

Generating traffic through these programs should be part of your Daily Work Routine.

Try to spend at least one half hour every day visiting websites and earning credits.

Remember, your down line is doing the same thing. Collectively, you should be able to generate massive amounts of traffic to any web page you designate.

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