Use powerful headlines
to make your advertising
more effective.

Copy and paste the 12 Fundamental Types Of Headlines in an email draft. Then, when you find or develop goodheadlines, it will be easy for you to go to the draft and enter the new headline.

Periodically, send the draft to yourself so it will be in a convenient place in your inbox.

Here are 12 types of headlines to look for when you scan safelist subject lines or advertising headlines.

When you find a good subject line or headline, enter it in your email draft under the most appropriate category.

Your goal should be to collect one good headline per day, 5 days a week (20 per month). This process should be part of your Downline Builder Daily Work Routine. After two months you should have a great inventory of headlines to use in your own advertising!

12 Fundamental Types Of Headlines

(1)Are you _____________________?

(2)How I _______________________.

(3)________Ways To _____________.

(4)Give Me ___________ And I'll ___________.

(5)Secrets of __________________.

(6)They Didn't Think I Could ____________, But I Did!

(7)Who Else Wants ______________.

(8)How To ______________________.

(9)How __________ Made Me ______________.

(10)Warning: ___________________.

(11)If You Are ____________ You Can ___________.

(12)Thousands (Hundreds, Millions) Now ________ Even Though They _________________.

(13)Miscellaneous Good Headlines:

You Must Test Your Headlines

  1. Use ad trackers.

    Use free advertising to perfect your headlines.

    When you test an ad for effectiveness, change only one item at a time. For instance do not change both the headline and the ad copy at the same time, because you won't know for sure which item is responsible for any positive or negative difference in test results.

  2. Test your headline with a split-run

    Free Split-run software.

  3. Use Headlines2Go to test potential headlines.

  4. Use a paid service to send your headlines to 500,000 ezine readers.

    Headline tests with ezines

    Click on Publishers Club Solo Ezine Ads to 500,000+ in left column.

    PC Billboard-Headline Testers: One headline plus URL for each of 5 headline testers.

    A contest is included for readers to win a FREE Custom Combo for selecting the best headlines.

    Use a different ad tracking url for each headline.

  5. Put this evaluation tool in your marketing arsenal.

    Free Headline Analyzer

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