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Best Places To Advertise In Order To Build Your Network Marketing Or MLM Downlines

This is Hot!! A list of powerful places to promote your MLM:

Places 1-5 are found on this page:

  1. Usenet Newsgroups

  2. Business Networks

  3. Forums

  4. Ezine Ads

  5. Classified Ad Sites

  6. Safelists

  7. Offline MLM Publications

  8. Newspapers

  9. Free Advertising Programs

  10. Free Traffic Generators

  11. Email List Builders

  12. Multi Level Ad Networks

  13. High Traffic Web Sites

  14. Write Articles

You must advertise and build and develop your advertisng arsenal every day!

Try out all of the methods listed above, concentrate on a few you enjoy doing, and then use these methods every day!

Confucius said:

"Find a job that you love,
and you will never work a day in your life."

Let's go!

(1)Usenet Newsgroups

To gain the greatest benefits from using Usenet newsgroups you must absorb and use the knowledge from Harvey Segal's ebook:

Forum SuperTips. Download and Read.

The first step is identifying the appropriate Usenet newsgroups. In order to do that use this tool:

Identify Appropriate Usenet Newsgroups

4 quick steps to set things up:

-1-In the Creat a Google Alert box: For "type" select "Group".

-2-Select a target group from the Best Prospects page.

-3-Then, choose three keywords that relate to this group and to your MLM opportunity.

-4-Enter the 3 keywords to receive email notification when these keywords and keyword phrases appear in relevant Usenet newsgroups.

When you receive email notification, there will be clickable hyperlinks to the particular Usenet newsgroup.

Simply establish and build an inventory of Usenet urls around this particular prospect group.

From reading Forum SuperTips you will understand the value of first making helpful appropriate postings to these groups before you do any advertising.

When you do advertise, direct prospects to a lead capture page specifically set up for one of the target groups from the Best prospects page.

(2)Business Networks

It is important to tap this area of prospects, because you will be dealing with people who are in business and who understand what it takes to be successful.

Join each of these business networks:

Click on Networking from the top menu for the AdLand Pro Community.

Create an account and follow the directions of the Community Account Wizard.

Look for Editor's Picks, and search for topics relating to your specific prospect group. You should know the information from the ebook, Forum SuperTips, backwards and forwards before you post to these forums.

When you log in click the View Community Features hyperlink. Refer to #2 Powerful Networking and Networking Tools. Here are specific instructions on how to expand your network with members who share the same interests as you.

Ryze Business Network

This network should prove to be very fertile ground for finding like minded individuals.

After logging in, click on Networks from the top menu.

There is a search box labled Search Networks:

Enter keywords or keyword phrases in the search box to find networks that fit your specific interests. Join those you find suitable.

Also, when you click on the profile of a network organizer, in the lower right will be a list of his/her other networks, and this list will surely contain some other suitable networks for you to examine.

Invite everyone in your MLM downline to join your Linkedin network. This network can serve as a way to connect to a much broader network within your company.


Obviously, Harvey Segal's ebook, Forum SuperTips is a must.

In order to find forums that concentrate on a specific prospects group that you have selected follow these steps:

-1-Visit each of these 3 search engines:

-2-Type in your keyword in quotes + forum

So an entry for work at home moms would look like this:

"work at home moms" + forum

Also, visit the Best prospects page, and view the specific forum listings for these two prospect groups:

Network Marketers

Work At Home Moms

(4)Ezine Ads

Ezines are the perfect vehicle to do targeted advertising.

You will get a significantly higher positive response rate if your advertising is targeted.

It's very important to sample the ezines where you will be advertising. Here are some ezine directories where you can locate appropriate ezines:

Directory of Ezines - Most complete and up-to-date ezine advertising directory.

Scroll down to the middle of the DOE page and until you see the subscription box:

Learn the Insider Secrets To Succeeding With Ezines FREE!

Subscribe and you will receive a very good free 6-part mini course on ezine advertsing.

If you wish to target network marketers, simply enter "mlm" or "network marketing" in the search box of the two directories above.

Here are two additional sources for ezine directories:

Important list of ezine directories.

Comprehensive list of ezine directories.

Internet Marketing Ezines

These advertising rates are subject to change at any time.

Directory of Ezines - Most complete and up-to-date ezine advertising directory.

Xtreme Marketing Tips - $199 per Solo Ad, $99 per Top Sponsor Ad.

ProbizTips - $197 per Solo Ad, $87 per Top Sponsor Ad, $37 per Middle SponsorAd

GetResponse Smart Ads - $299.95 per 100k Smart Ads, $199.95 per 50k Smart Ads, $99.95 per 20k Smart Ads.

Rim Digest - $149 per Solo Ad, $50 per Top Sponsor Ad.

Cash From Home - $99.95 per Solo Ad, $39.95 per Top Sponsor Ad.

BizWeb E-Gazette - $675 per Top Sponsor Ad, $675 per Middle Sponsor Ad, $360 per Bottom Sponsor Ad.

DEMC E-Magazine - $1,397 per Solo Ad, $227 per Top Sponsor Ad.

Web Marketing Today - $250 per 2-Line Ad in Web Marketing Today, $150 per 2-Line Ad in Doctor Ebiz.

Work At Home News - $99.95 per Solo Ad, $39.95 per Top Sponsor Ad.

2 Bucks An Ad - $10 per ad to 10 Ezines ($90 per ad to 90 Ezines).

Sendfree Advertising - $47 per Top Sponsor Autoresponder Ad.

Online Exchange - $90 per Solo Ad, $40 per Top Sponsor Ad.

Nobo$$ - $1200 per Solo Ad, $250 per Top Sponsor Ad.

The Work At Home - $45 per Solo Ad, $40 per Top Sponsor Ad.

It appears that the newsletter is not accepting advertising at this time, but you should subscribe to this ezine and also the solo ads.

Straight Talkers - $50 per Solo Ad, $25 per Top Sponsor Ad.

Biz Site Biz - $55 per Solo Ad, $45 per Top Sponsor Ad.

Dollarmines - $120 per Solo Ad, $50 per Top Sponsor Ad.

Other Newsletter Subscriptions

Test these newsletters out.

Test Data For Your Ads

Date Source Duration Ad# M T W T F Total

(5)Classified Ad Sites

Hopefully, you are using ad trackers with all your advertising.

With classified adds it's critical that you employ ad trackers. Some sites are promoted with a lot of hype, but may not produce a single click for you. With ad trackers you can quickly eliminate such sites with assurance.

Build your opt-in lists.

Click on any city or location on craigslist. Under Services click on Small Biz Ads.

Offer a free report or mini course on autoresponder through a lead capture page.

Your report or mini course should include:

  1. Info and your referral url for the Downline Builder

  2. Info on headlines from this training website

  3. Finally a link to free Time Management ebook, which is something every small business owner could benefit from.

Then follow up weekly with additional info that solves a problem or fulfills a need.

Include a commercial message 1 out of 4 (like a pitch to go through your MLM lead capture page).

Sample headlines:

  • Free Advertising Secrets
    For Small Businesses

  • How To Create
    Additional Profit Centers
    For Your Small Business

  • Powerful Free Advertising
    To Benefit Any Small Business

Vary your headlines and test to see which are the most responsive.

Build up your inventory of good headlines and you will be well on your way to becoming a powerful Internet marketer.

Click on any location. Under Services click on biz opps. Follow the same course of action indicated immediately above.


Look for "Free Stuff" in Navigation. Click on "Free Blasters". Submit daily. Use Ad Tracker.

This site has a wealth of FREE advertising options. Select a couple of favorites and promote daily!!

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