Traffic Generators

Drive Traffic To Your network marketing Lead Capture Pages With Free Traffic Generators

If you are on a limited budget, these free traffic generators are a proven effective method of driving traffic to your lead capture pages.

Never send traffic directly to your MLM corporate web site.

Before you visit these web sites, sign up for each of these programs through the Downline Builder using
your sponsor's referral url for the Downline Builder.

If your sponsor is not a member, use this link:

Downline Builder

  1. ClickMatrix:

  2. QuickHits:

  3. Traffic Swarm

  4. WebBizInsider

Each of the above free traffic generators has a multi level structure. This structure means that you benefit not only from your own website visitations, but you also benefit from visitations made by your downline.

Generating traffic through these programs should be part of your Daily Work Routine.

Try to spend at least one half hour every day visiting websites and earning credits.

Remember, your down line is doing the same thing. Collectively, you should be able to generate massive amounts of traffic to any web page you designate.

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