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The Power Of Two

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Very important! Anytime a prospect calls you in response to an ad, immediately 3-way them as described below.

The Power of Two

By Tom Wood

I gave a training last weekend with my good friend Alan Erdlee.

He's at the top of his company's pay plan. He makes a serious six-figure income, from home, in Network Marketing. Just like me.

We both re-learned something I want to share with you. It could be the difference-maker for your success this year.

Both Alan and I are good trainers on our own. But when we trained together, something special happened... there was this magical third voice... there was unification in the audience... people were especially interested... they participated more... they were "in" the training, not "at" the training...

This has happened for me before, but at this training:

  • We stepped on each other's sentences from time to time

  • We went too long

  • We stumbled through some parts

  • We didn't cover everything we wanted

But in spite of that... the training was awesome... one of the most effective either one of us have ever done.

I'm not bragging here. It wasn't me. It wasn't Alan. It was the POWER OF TWO.

By ourselves, we weren't that good that day. Together we were awesome.


-- Ken Blanchard, the best selling co-author of "The One Minute Manager", has written over 20 books and he's a world-class speaker and trainer. He's NEVER written a book by himself. He always uses the power of two.

-- The Bible says, "Two are better than one..." (Ecclesiastes 4:9)

-- Aristotle knew this too. "What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies"

-- I know a guy in network marketing who makes over $50,000/month. I have spoken to him on the phone at least 50 times. Every time he calls me, there is someone else on the line. Every time I call him, he three-ways me in with someone in his downline, upline, sideline... or with a recorded call as a last resort.

He is relentless about the power of two.

There are other quotes about the Power of Two:

"When two speak as one, a third voice is heard."

"When you work as two, you triple your efforts."

You can do everything bigger, faster, and better with two.

What can YOU do... with two?


Here are seven strategies for working as a team in network marketing:

  1. BE INTERDEPENDENT -- Not dependent, co-dependent, or independent. Interdependency is when an independent person CHOSES to work with another independent person... not because they have to, but because they WANT TO.

  2. Plan ahead -- when you're presenting as two, make sure you know who says what. A more unified team is a more powerful and influential team.

  3. Build Each Other Up -- You can't tell people how great you are -- it's too self -serving. But you can tell people how great your "partner" is. And he/she can tell how great you are. You can also talk about how great the team is. Do this everywhere, all the time. At meetings. On coference calls. At big events. At parties. The best networkers in the world are incredible at building people up.

  4. Back Each Other Up -- Even if you disagree with your "partner", back them up in public. You can disagree and discuss it later in private. You need to have a unified front. It's more important than being "right" in front of a few people. Never embarrass your "partners"; it will destroy YOUR credibility and the team's effectiveness.

  5. Use TOOLS -- Conference calls, sizzle calls, meetings, audio-tapes, video-tapes, testimonials on your website -- these are all ways to use the power of two. And they are duplicatable. The person you are talking with can use the tools to do the business immediately. Someone once said, "Do to your prospect today, what they can do to their prospects tomorrow"

  6. Get Your Significant Other Involved... Somehow! -- This is going to be hard for some of you, but I've never seen someone make it to the top if their spouse wasn't supporting them. It's not just true in network marketing, that's true in any serious venture. Get them involved in some little way so they can feel like they are a part of something with you. Get them to feel some success. This will bring you both to another level -- in business, and as a couple!

  7. Get a Workout Partner -- Sometimes having someone who keeps you accountable can really help when you don't have a boss. I mean no one's going to fire you, right? Who cares if you miss one day? Your workout partner will.


Oh my goodness! PLEASE don't say this to me...! It drives me crazy. I mean I want to shake the people who say that. There are only two reasons you can't find someone to team up with.

1. You wouldn't be a good team player
2. You wouldn't be a good team player

Set your mind on how you can give value to others and you will have NO PROBLEM finding someone to team up with.

FINALLY Once you've mastered the power of TWO, you'll start to discover the power of THREE, FOUR and FIVE... But that's a whole other JUICE training...

Your Teammate...
Tom Wood
TheDuplicator.com & HelpHenry.com

P.S. I've been working with the power of TWO a lot lately. My team and I are going to bring you an amazing new lead system. This will be very exciting! It's unlike anything you've ever seen before. I'll be announcing it very shortly.

Copyright 2001 Thomas P. Wood, Inc. and TheDuplicator.com

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