Downline Of 35,000

How to build a 35,000 member downline in Multi Level Or Network Marketing

Benefits of this website:

  • Know who the best prospects are

  • Know where to locate these prospects

  • Learn and master Internet marketing techniques

  • Know all tax benefits of home based businesses

  • Know best places to advertise

  • Know how to make your advertising

Overall Philosophy:
No Selling

As you try to build your down line, avoid trying to sell your prospects on your mlm opportunity.

Instead you want to sift and sort.

You want to sift and sort through multiple prospects to find people who are truly motivated. People who have definite goals or dreams.

To fully understand the no selling/sift and sort concept you need to take these 4 steps:

  1. Download and read How To Build A 35,000 Member Downline In 27 Weeks ebook

  2. Read the NoSelling Page

  3. Read How to Make People Beg You for Your Business Presentation

  4. Read and print out Do You Qualify?

(1)How To Build A 35,000 Member Downline In 27 Weeks ebook

The reason you should start here is that this 30 page ebook provides you with a solid foundation of concepts and techniques.

The concepts are very important since they will keep you from straying fom the correct path in future encounters with MLM proposals.

We are going to apply the ebook's precise plan to your mlm.

We will admit to our team only prospects who qualify!

The fact that you have a precise and concrete plan to build a 35,000 member downline is a very powerful recruiting tool!

Click here to access this powerful downline building ebook.

(2)Read the NoSelling Page

No selling/sifting & sorting is the order of the day.

(3)Read How to Make People Beg You for Your Business Presentation

This page presents critical knowledge.

You will learn the essence of turning a selling encounter with a prospect into an interview with the prospect.

An interview to determine if he/she qualifies to join your team and opportunity.

Click here for this valuable concept.

(4)Read and print out Do You Qualify?

This page outlines the specific steps you take when you interview prospects.

Master this technique.

Downline Of 35,000

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Do You Qualify?
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